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Polarteknik Oy has acquired the business of PneumaXpert Oy on 1st June 2018.


PneumaXpert is a Finnish company specialized in applied pneumatics and low-pressure hydraulics, offering its’ products and services for leading OEM-manufacturers in Finland. Sellers are Jari Laaksonen, Erik Haavisto and Vesa Ropponen, all active in the company’s management and from today part of Polarteknik’s pneumatic organization.


Polarteknik and its’ Pneumatics business unit Pimatic provides systems and components that meet the requirements of various pneumatic applications with engineered solutions that cannot be fulfilled with standard products.


Through integration, Polarteknik with PneumaXpert will together be able to focus on generating new opportunities and offer best in class customer experience with new stronger organization.



Huittinen, Finland, June 1st 2018


Tomi Ojala

Managing Director

Polarteknik Oy


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